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Renner is a leader in tennis surfacing. Experienced and knowledgeable in design, construction, resurfacing and repairs, our team can make your dream facility a reality. Offering a variety of systems, we have a solution for every project. From recreational to elite, we have the right system for your needs. Renner courts are ITF Classified.

Renner Cushion Systems
Renner Cushion Systems

Designed with a polyurethane force reduction layer, the multi-layer Renner Cushion systems offer premier performance with superior shock absorbing qualities. Helping to reduce body fatigue, the systems aids in quick recovery and lessens pressure on joints without sacrificing performance. A perfect match for elite facilities & residential customers. Available with a 4mm, 6mm or 3/8” force reduction layer.

Renner Classic
Renner Classic

Installed over post-tensioned concrete or asphalt

ITF tested and proven, our Renner Classic acrylic coating systems offer elite performance, durability, and value. The system is designed to last and withstand harsh weather with superior playing characteristics and ball bounce.


Why Renner Tennis?

From consultation to design, construction, and everything in between, let Renner engineer your tennis courts for years of use and enjoyment. We offer a wide range of systems, base construction, color options, fencing, lighting, and equipment to create the ideal facility that meets your needs.

Renner systems are designed to uphold under the harshest weather conditions, retaining their appearance and performance under extreme heat, cold, snow, and anything else thrown its way.

Over 20 years experience building more than 6,000 installations for community, club, park, collegiate, and residential clients.

Our multiple industry certifications are a reflection of the expertise, care, and professionalism found in our work.

Long recognized as one of the leading tennis court builders in North America—with a track record to prove it.

Renner’s highly experienced and knowledgeable design and construction experts ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Court Experts

Our teams are ready to bring your project to life. We specialize in:

  • Tennis court design
  • Pickleball court design
  • New court construction
  • Post-tensioned concrete - Learn more
  • Existing court resurfacing
  • Existing court repair
Design Your Tennis Court

Make your dream court come alive! Click on the court or exterior and select your choice of color. Try out different combinations to find the court colors you love!

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Images used for illustrative purposes only and are not accurate representations of the actual products. As such, size, colors and materials may vary.

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